Future Plans

⭐️Hi all .. Just thought I’d give you an update on what we are doing and our future plans.⭐️

A few people have asked how we will spend the £5000 from the Golden Giveaway.

This win gives the charity a bit more security. It will enable us to continue to arrange activities and events. The group continues to grow quickly which means more families to support and more events.

For those who are unsure of our charity structure and who our volunteers are;

Nicola McBean , Chairperson and Trustee
Karen Clayton, Secretary, Vice-Chairperson and Trustee
Ben McBean, Treasurer and Trustee
Andrew Clayton, Trustee (Andy is currently building our website too)

Our Volunteers;
Louise Rachel (Meek) –
Victoria Brunton
Karen Yarker
Amy Rowe
Alyssa Jane (Dale)
Charlotte Parker

As well as starting to arrange October half term activities, we have been looking at Christmas events and have some exciting things in mind.. the Santa Express, a Pantomime, Christmas parties and other activities/ events during the Christmas holidays. Amy Rowe is involved with sorting plans for Christmas 🎅🏼🚂⛄️ .

The Coffee and Cake meet up at Chilli Cake was a big success so we are looking at booking another date for that. As a few people asked about meeting on an afternoon instead , we are looking into that too and and also an evening meet up. We are looking at a new venue for coffee and cake in Middlesbrough.

Our Treasurer and Trustee Ben is busy looking into SEN legal training and EHCP training.

Me and Karen Clayton have been busy at various meetings and have been organising the Winter Ball at Judges in November 2019. We also have a potential venue lined up for our Winter Ball 2020! We oversee everything else too so now the booking system is up and running we will have a lot more time to do other things.

Louise is heavily involved with the events for the older kids. She also helps with various admin tasks.

Our fundraisers are working hard Karen Yarker, Charlotte and Alyssa. They continue to contact local businesses to try and get them on board and donate vouchers/prizes for our Ball (as usual, if anyone can help with prizes/vouchers this is greatly appreciated). Alyssa is currently arranging for raffle tickets to be printed up for a huge Prize Draw we have planned in the run up to our Ball.

A big welcome to Victoria, our new volunteer .. we can all thank her for our new booking system 👏🏼..we are so pleased she is part of our team. She has helped us so much already. Victoria will be helping with arranging fundraising events and IT.

So… there are lots of exciting things in the pipeline!!

On day one of the group being established , we did a post saying the group had been set up to create a supportive community where all parents would be welcomed, supported by others and be free from judgement.

We hope you enjoy being part of this group / charity. Xx

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