Raising Funds for Charity

Saltburn to Staithes and back.

20th of July 2019

In July 2019 we set off on a glorious sunny day. Myself, my 10 year old daughter Ellie, my Dad Alan and mother in law Catherine were walking from Saltburn to Staithes and back to raise money for Autism Parents Together and Remembering Rebecca. Ellie had taken part in a few sibling events with Remembering Rebecca and wanted to raise some money for them. 

We were walking alongside others that were walking all the way to Whitby! 

We started our walk at 9 am and the sun was shining brightly for us. The scenery was beautiful but the walk was tough. Ellie was struggling on the way there but cheered up when we saw Staithes in the distance. We arrived in Staithes at 12.30, perfect timing for lunch and a nice cold glass of coke for Ellie. 

We began our journey back about 1.30pm. Ellie was in good spirits and had done so well so far. The journey back was going well, but after about half an hour, the weather turned and it began to rain. Just a light shower. I’m sure it will pass, we thought. It did not!

The rain became heavier and heavier and it was not stopping. 

It rained until we could not get any wetter! We arrived at Skinningrove as the rain continued, we were close to the finish line, finally when we were close to finishing our walk the clouds cleared. We stopped to shake the rain water of our coats and my dad poured the water out of his shoes.

The sun came out again and shone for the last leg, by the time we got to the finish line at 5 o’clock we had almost dried out. We had clocked 16miles and 7 hours of walking

I was very proud of Ellie managing the walk. We raised £600 which was split between the charities. 

Later this year I will be pairing up with my mother in law Catherine to do the Yorkshire 3 peaks.  Three peaks all around 700m and 24miles to be completed in around 12 hours!

We are very excited to be taking part in this challenge and hope to raise some money for our fantastic charity Autism Parents Together.

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