Autism Rocks Teesside

Autism Rocks Teesside are proud to announce our first ever event in support of

Autism Parents Together – Tees Valley

We’ll be hosting some amazing rock bands to raise money and awareness of this fantastic charity.

Autism Rocks Teesside


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Autism Rocks Teesside


Hailing from the North East of England, ManFrog are a new breed of progressive influenced rock music.

Their catchy upbeat riffs accompanied by melodic and sometimes ripping solos helps to keep their music fresh and interesting.

Drawing on influences from all over the rock spectrum, they cite bands such as Pearl Jam, Dream Theater and Iron Maiden as major players in helping them to define their sound, whilst pulling sounds from Tool and Porcupine Tree as well as elements of classic rock such as Led Zeppelin and Rush.

Through music, ManFrog aim to keep the listener engaged and take them on a journey, whilst keeping their sound accessible and unpretentious.

Fires of Freya

Eclectic, Emotive, ROCK!

Exhilarating monster guitar riffs, cool bass licks along with hard hitting beats, powerhouse vocals and a sprinkle of keys make up this quartet!

Formed in 2018 this band have been entertaining UK stages from small pubs to large festivals such as HRH NWOCR for a number of years now. Ones to watch for sure!

Autumn Hostage

Teesside based Autumn Hostage formed 10 years ago playing their original songs in an alternative-indie style.

2 singles are available on all music platforms now. Gigs have a become a rarity but pre-covid a run right through to the grand finale of a battle of the bands Middlesbrough was a highlight. The band have also appeared on TV and performed live acoustic tracks during interviews on radio.

Recording will remain a main focus for Autumn Hostage going forward so don’t miss this opportunity.

Kings Ransom

Kings Ransom are the popular up-and-coming female fronted Indie Rock Cover Band performing all the greatest hits within the Indie genre ranging from artists such as Kings Of Leon, Artic Monkeys, Oasis, and much more!

Thought Trumpet

Thought Trumpet is what you’d get if Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) had a child with Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and it was forced to listen to the Talking Heads for its younger years.

Solo artist Chris Scanlon has been growing Thought Trumpet for many years and, after battling with many of his own demons, has taken things up to another level. Lashing out with a new sound that is both refreshing and angry at the same time.

Drawing influence from artists such as Pitchshifter, The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails and Frank Carter, Thought Trumpet has hung up the acoustic guitar and replaced it with a much heavier and fuller sound while still holding onto the heartfelt lyrical style that he’s become comfortable with.

While debut album SCREAM! still recording, Chris has already started penning a follow-up album and continues to look at ways of enhancing live performances.

With songs such as Scream!, Sirens and The Only One delving into the deeper reaches of mental health and Here Comes The Smoke tackling addiction, Thought Trumpet uses a poetic lyrical style to push the subjects to your mind and make you think, while also having a beat that makes your body feel like it just has to dance.

Autism Rocks Teesside is an annual rock music event featuring local rock bands with the aim of raising money to help support local Autism charities in the the Teesside area.

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